5-Day Professional Workshop


We all live in a visual world. Media, technologies, economic and societal change accelerate our everyday life. We learn to read, write and calculate. In contrast, visual literacy is seen as something naturally given. Facing fundamental challenges with all the visual information we are exposed to every day our educational system still lacks to react to this development.


The VISUALIZE concept, as offered by The Institute for Visual Literacy in Austria focuses on the training of the senses and equates them to the mind. In the course of this process there are no right or wrong statements. Discussions based upon different perceptions lead to new ideas - for oneself and for the community at large. It also opens a cross-cultural, transferable, cross-sectorial cooperation by using art as a common denominator. The outcome becomes a multifaceted world of creative thinking, enhanced language skills as well as good social competences. It promotes active citizenship through increased visual competence and free speech and also strengthens the tolerance and soft skills of young people preparing them for their future jobs. 

At the end of the 5-day workshop participants will understand the elements and method of Visual Thinking Strategies. They will be able to facilitate open-ended visual discussions. They also will gain the knowledge of how to develop the basics of VTS into their area of expertise. The VISUALIZE training as a whole can be seen as a sustainable investment as trainers and young people involved learn new visual skills for their daily life and work that can be directly tested, acting as multipliers to peers and colleagues. It delivers a milestone to improve the achievements in relevant and high-level basic and transversal competences in lifelong learning perspectives.  

· Introduction to the VISUALIZE concept  - Visual Thinking Strategies 
· Theory and Research "Aesthetic Development Theory" by Abigail  Housen
· Practical application of Visual Thinking Strategies in the museum
5-day workshop, lecture, group work

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Institute for Visual Literacy, Austria

VISUALIZE - Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships for Youth Project #: 2016-2-DE04-KA205-014270 

                     University of Innsbruck - 626809 - Visual Thinking at school